El Paso Police Officer Andrea Zendejas was involved in a scary situation the other night.

Zendejas, who has become a bit of a celebrity from her many appearances on the reality cop show "Live PD," got in a struggle that resulted in her being “briefly knocked out” and hospitalized.

Affectionately known to fans of the reality TV show as "The Bun of Justice" and “The Bun with a Gun” because of the perfectly tight hair bun she rocks while on duty, the Northeast patrol officer Tweeted a photo of herself with what appears to be a scratch or bruise on her neck.

The caption that accompanied the photo read, “Was in a bit of a scuffle the other night where I was briefly knocked out. Thankful for a friend who came to the hospital w/an extra shirt since the one I was wearing was partially ripped off.”

While she didn't elaborate further, Sgt. Enrique Carrillo, Public Information Officer for the El Paso Police Department, told me via email she was assaulted while handling a suspicious subject call on Saturday night (9/8). "Unfortunately, officers being assaulted is not an uncommon event," he added. "In fact it happens all too often."

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