Remember that one iconic moment in summer 2018 where police departments were suiting up for lip sync battles? It was awesome. In a tumultuous time between law enforcement and civilians, it was refreshing to see a playful side of the men and women in blue.

While many departments participated, everyone here in the 915 anxiously awaited for El Paso's Finest to debut their video! Summer 2018 was deemed "bad timing" for EPPD to release a video of any kind after the infamous "kids vs. cops" video went viral nationwide. Then, a couple of weeks later we all were excited when we got a first glimpse at EPPD filming their lip sync challenge video. Then, silence, at least until yesterday.

My mom came across a post on the Face (of course) of a video that had the EPPD doing their lip sync challenge! I heard the iconic guitar intro to Marty Robbins' "El Paso." When my mom showed me the video, I look at the date and noticed something rather strange, it was dated to two months ago. Then, this morning, our DME Emily showed me the same video and we thought "this is IT!" I decided this was the time to spread the word- "El Paso's Finest finally released their video!" That is until I sat down to actually write this.

When I went back to the link that I was given for the video, THIS is what showed up:


WHERE DID THE VIDEO GO, EPPD?! I've spent hours scouring the internet trying to find it again to no luck. If you have any information on what could have happened to the video or where I could find it, let a girl know! What I saw of it, it was great! El Paso's finest really did a great job and the rest of the nation needs to see it!

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