I love watching Live PD, but I really only watch it to see the El Paso Police Department officers. We have had some great Live PD moments with the EPPD, but apparently, that's all coming to an end. Officer Eric Rinker tweeted out that the EPPD will be taking a break from Live PD.

That means no more Bun of Justice, Officer Andrea Zendejas, no more dudes at gas stations begging to be arrested, no more women caught being cochinas in parking lots with their pants down, and no more "I'm traveling, not driving" explanations as to why someone doesn't have a license.

Oh, El Paso Police Department and silly El Pasoans who break the law, we are going to miss you on Live PD. The only reason I can think that the department isn't going to be followed anymore is because out police department does such a great job keeping us safe and sound. Thanks for all you do, EPPD! Maybe Live PD will come back again to see some more of our crazy residents!

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