The EPISD Planetarium has seen generations of children pass through its doors to see galaxies and stars move along its ceiling. One of the best field trips I remember growing up and attending Cielo Vista Elementary was the planetarium. But it might be destroyed when the building is demolished.

The district has been leasing its headquarters, which houses the planetarium, from the City, but because the lease is not being renewed, EPISD has had to find a new building. Unfortunately, it doesn't know what will happen to the planetarium.

Some items inside the facility may not be moved to the new office or another location, including a large projector that displayed stars across the planetarium's theater. The ceiling that countless kids sat under and learned about the stars will probably be destroyed when the building is demolished.

An EPISD spokeswoman said the district is still working out whether to take the equipment or let it be demolished along with the building. If they do that, the equipment will have to be replaced with taxpayer money.

As an EPISD taxpayer, I certainly hope they make every effort to take everything they can when the district vacates the building. It would be a shame to lose equipment that would be very expensive to replace. Click on this link to the district's Facebook page and let them know that the planetarium equipment needs to be saved.

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