Whether you've tested negative or have never had symptoms, you might not think COVID-19 has affected you. But stress works in strange ways, especially in a family-oriented, social city like El Paso.

And what about masks? What kind should you get? What goes into making a quality mask?

Two birds with one stone today, as El Paso Townsquare continues to focus on the novel coronavirus and its impact on the Borderland, with great thanks to Traci Presley, LPC, and co-proprietor of Topographic Masks.

Presley discussed the need for El Pasoans to address not only their physical health by wearing masks, handwashing, etc., but their mental and emotional health.

Presley covered the ways we can all improve and deal with what COVID-19 has thrown at us these last months, and plainly stated that she's more than willing to not only help herself, but gladly recommend other professionals to deal with emotional, as well as physical, challenges. She can be reached at: 915.444.8003.

Speaking of masks, Presley and her family helped create Topographic Masks, which provides locally-manufactured, high-quality antimicrobial masks featuring a carbon shield stitched into the fabric.

Designed with help from Presley's friends in the El Paso medical community, they also feature elastic drawstrings with an easy-to-use clip in back, avoiding ear-burning elastic straps with a mask that doesn't need to be tied behind your head.

Topographic Masks come in three sizes – kids, SM/M and L/XL – multiple colors and are customizable. Company logos and more are available at topographicmasks.com.

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