The COVID-19 pandemic really threw everyone for a loop. If we weren't waiting in line for a single package of toilet paper, we were figuring out how to position our laptop cameras to hide the fact that we were wearing boxer shorts during our Zoom work meetings. Another thing that really took a hit was the restaurant and bar industry. So many establishments had to make do with take-out and curbside pickup that a lot of those restaurants and bars didn't make it out alive from the pandemic. Some did and now that people can go back to sitting in restaurants and bars to enjoy a meal and a drink, there are a lot of restaurant and bar owners who are finding it hard to get back to having a full staff.

During the pandemic a lot of people who were laid off from the industry were given supplemental unemployment compensation from the federal government and that extra money is being blamed for people not wanting to get back to work. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has even gone so far as to notify the federal government that the state would be opting out of the program. That means people who were getting the $300 weekly unemployment supplement from the Federal Pandemic Umemployment Compensation program will no longer receive it effective June 26. One El Paso restaurant might be happy to hear that seeing as they threw some massive shade at people who got a "government handout" instead of working.

Corralitos restaurant seems to think that people would be running back to jobs that traditionally pay a couple of bucks an hour plus tips instead of trying to live off unemployment and the supplement from the government. I've been a waitress and a cafe owner. I hated working for $2 an hour and hoping people would tip to compensate for the lack of minimum wage the owner of the restaurant I worked at wouldn't pay. I paid minimum wage plus tips when I owned a cafe and was able to charge a price for my product that people were willing to pay. It didn't bankrupt me or drive prices up.

I don't know if Corralitos took part in the PPE or Paycheck Protection Program offered by the federal government but if they did, that is a "government handout" and they should stop being such hypocrites. No one should have to work for $2 an hour. I'm pretty sure the owners of Corralitos don't make that little so why should the people who work for them? Come clean, Corralitos. Did you get PPP? If you did, you should move your umbrella and stop sending so much shade to people who are just trying to get by.

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