If you either live or frequently drive on Westwind Dr. then you're familiar with this topic. My friend's mom lives nearby Westwind Dr. and has seen 4 cars get pulled over on her street. It doesn't come as a surprise to me since I always spot cops either hiding on Tarascas Dr. or off Belvidere.

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Once I got pulled over for going a little over the speed limit on Westwind Dr. many years ago. Hence, why you should always drive the speed limit when you travel on Westwind Dr. in the future. But my friend's mom Anita Johndro isn't happy about the people who speed through this street every day at all hours. She mentioned that in just a morning alone she had witnessed 5 people that got pulled over by the cops. But in my opinion, Westwind Dr. has been like this for quite some time now. To make matters worse is there is even a school zone off Belvidere St. and Westwind Dr. and people still drive hauling butt.

On the days I would be taking my son for his weekend visits with his dad I would see a couple of cops hiding out. This is why if you're ever in a rush whatever you do, don't speed on Westwind Dr. ever. The cops have their secret spots to hideout at and bust you for speeding on that road. There are also other roads in different parts of town that have the same problem as this Westside road. Feel free to share your opinion if Westwind Dr. is popular for speed traps and cop hideouts below.

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