It seems that back in the day, it was cool to name a street twice in El Paso.

There's kind of a system to street names in El Paso. Certain neighborhoods will have a common theme about their street names.

  • The Memorial Park historic section uses metals. Copper, Silver, Gold, etc
  • Cooperstown, in far Northeast El Paso uses baseball greats. Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, etc.
  • The area between Dyer and Alabama is home to past Presidents of the United States. Fillmore, McKinley, etc.
  • The east side has golfers scattered around like Rich Beem and Lee Trevino.
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You get the picture. Whatever the name of a street is, that's it's name. Right?

You would think but, El Paso will change them on you.  For example:

  • Magnetic. North of Hercules it's Magnetic. South of Hercules, it's Alabama.
  • Orio Palmer. As you drive south-ish on Rich Beem, Orio Palnmer is to your left. Turn right and you're on Tierra Sonora..
  •  Dyer, when it meets Pershing, becomes Pershing
  • Zaragosa: My favorite - south of I-10, it's Zaragosa. Go north and you're on George Dieter. To further muddy up this water, a little way up George Dieter, Zaragosa resumes but you have to veer right, off of Dieter to get onto it.

There are others but I'll stop there for now. If there's a tie as far as choosing a name, a quick game of rock, paper, scissors or something seems like a perfectly acceptable way to settle the matter. Just sayin'...

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