El Paso can rejoice because, after nearly 10 months of being closed, Rosco’s Burger Inn is finally open again!

The beloved local restaurant had to close its doors back in May of 2023 after a kitchen fire forced owners to close up shop.

Although the fire caused substantial damage, thankfully no one was injured in the fire.

Third-generation Owner Jacob Carrasco took over the restaurant from his father back in 2006. He spoke with KVIA and said that he jumped into action as soon as he realized what was happening.

Because of that quick thinking, he was able to help contain the fire to only the kitchen area and he saved the rest of the restaurant from further damage.

A post was shared on the restaurant's Facebook page with a simple message that said:




Rosco's Burger lovers were quick to celebrate the announcement with many sharing their excitement for the news and some saying it was the best news they had heard all day.

If you haven’t visited Rosco Burgers, now is the time to do so! You can check out the local favorite which is located in northeast El Paso at 3829 Tompkins Rd. 

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