We all know that the naming of the El Paso Triple A baseball team was pretty controversial, but Chico the Chihuahua has become a real star in the Sun City. Go to a game at Southwest University ballpark and watch the crowds of kids and parents who gather round the team's mascot trying to get a picture or just be a part of the traveling circus that is Chico the Chihuahua.

But all is not peaches and cream in Chicoland. Chico is a big dog, and big dogs have a lot of trouble staying cool in the El Paso summer heat. That's where Russell Athletic and their FreshForce underwear come in. In Chico's first ever endorsement deal, he is seen sweating and suffering in the El Paso triple-digit temperatures and going through all kinds of craziness to deal with it. Then, he gets Russell's new underwear and he turns into a cool cat, er, hot dog, um, well, let's just say he feels better.

The commercial is hilarious and the shots of the city and the ballpark will be seen nationally, so way to go Chico and welcome to town Russell Athletics.

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