Just when you start getting bummed about society, El Pasoans reignite the hope in your heart. While scrolling past more and more stressful Facebook posts, I came across the El Paso Animal Services lovely Facebook post about all of the new foster applications they received recently.

As many El Pasoans stay home, due to a new 'Stay Home, Work Safe' order from City and County Officials of El Paso, we have seen people start stepping up to be new foster parents.

This fills my heart with so much joy! Tons of furry friends have new friends during this order and many El Pasoans will have company while staying inside. El Pasoans are allowed to walk the dogs and go out to parks, just please be careful with how close you are to people during these walks.

You need to stay healthy, not only for you but for your fellow El Pasoans and now your furry new friend!

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