From ghostly encounters, to a false alert of an incoming missile, to a family member playing a prank - these terrifying moments were shared by listeners of Mike & Tricia Mornings on their social media page.

Marcy Caro:

One night my [boyfriend at the time] was watching tv, we lived on the 2nd story of the apartment complex. We also had sliding glass doors that had the long, vertical blinds. As we are watching tv, my ex gets freaked out, saying he saw someone looking at him from the other side of the balcony rail (reminder, 2nd story). We decide to record to see what we can catch. When we played it back, we heard a male’s voice say in a heavily breathing voice "We're looking through (deep sigh) the window". This thing followed us around for YEARS, but this was one of the "make the hair on the back of your neck stand up" moments

Crystal Breedlove:

We moved into my mom's house in 1993. And strange things have always happened here. Well one day [I] got in the shower [and left] my stuff on the bed. I wasn't near my phone. But when I got out of the shower, I picked up my phone to find 20 pictures of just black, like if I had taken pictures of my pocket. There was two pictures; one looking into my room and looks like somebody standing in front of the TV, and the second one was my mom's bedroom. It looks like a boxer. The man that lived here before was supposedly a famous boxer from Mexico that had disappeared.

Submitted by Crystal Breedlove
Submitted by Crystal Breedlove

Jeannette Perez-Lara:

I've had a few paranormal encounters but trying to enjoy a delicious calzone at Monteleone's while watching chairs move and my wine glass slide across the table was definitely the scariest thing. I held my pee for 3 hours! No way was I going in THAT room!

Jackie Orta:

We lived in Hawaii during the ballistic missile threat. Husband and I were sitting on our front porch drinking coffee snd the kids were inside watching tv. The text came across our phones and we both just sat there staring at them. It almost seemed like time stood still for a second. Then the chaos struck. People running out of their houses throwing kids in the car, people screaming at family to get inside. There were families running to an old abandoned bomb shelter and breaking into it. It was the scariest moment of my life, because there was really nothing I could do to save my family.

[Author's note: On Jan. 13, 2018, over a million people in Hawaii received an emergency alert warning of an incoming ballistic missile, and concluded: "This is not a drill". State officials later blamed it on a miscommunication during a drill.]

Turner Angela:

The night I thought my then 3 year old son wanted to jump into my bed with me. I felt the pressure on the bed the door open and even the sound of little feet on the tile. I was still asleep when I opened the blankets and said get in and no one jumped in. Concerned I got up and went to my kids room and they were both sound asleep the exact same way I left them when I tucked them in. Found out later we do have a little kid ghost in our house.

Rivera Vicky:

My son looking through the window at me for I dont know how long until I noticed him...contained myself after I realized it was him and yelled at him that I knew it was him...nearly pooped myself!!

Submitted by Vicky Rivera
Submitted by Vicky Rivera
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