Over the life of a years-long romantic relationship, it’s inevitable that each one will at some point take the other for granted – especially when it comes to the little things your “other” goes out of his or her way to do, either because you like it done that way or because the other half is super-loving and thoughtful.

It's also inevitable that eventually one of your husband's or wife's habits is going to get on your last damn nerve. Spouse’s Day, a faux-holiday celebrated every January 26, is an opportunity for you to set aside the exasperating tendency he or she has for a moment, and show a little appreciation for all the little things they do to keep the family and household humming.

That being said, we totally get that too much togetherness will eventually result in your husband or wife irritating the crap out of you. So, in observance of Spouse’s Day, we asked El Pasoans to tell us one thing they appreciate most about their spouse, and the one thing he/she does that annoys them most.

Here's a sampling of some of the loving, relatable, and hilarious responses we received:

Jen B: He’s a hard worker and busts his a** for our family. He also chews so loud the neighbors can hear him.

Tabatha S: I love his weekend breakfast surprises, but not so much his gassy surprises.

Vanessa Gz: He is a wonderful provider for our family. He doesn’t throw away food wrappers/paper plate in the trash, he just leaves it where he finishes what he’s eating.

Vanessa G: He's a hard worker. However, he leaves his tissues with mocos everywhere!

Sol Q: He's a great cook...he leaves his stinky socks everywhere.

Ivan: Caring heart.....puts ketchup on everything that doesn’t need ketchup.

Frank T.: Her wonderful love of music that keeps me dancing all day long. She always leaves the seat down in the bathroom.

Dominic A: I appreciate that she is understanding, communicates. Buuuut…her clothes I guess are scared of the hamper

Paulina G.: On [bad weather days], he drives me to work. He snores like a hobo with a sinus infection.


How do you compare to other long term couples? Here is what a national survey of married Americans concluded:

Top 10 Reasons Americans Appreciate Their Spouses

1. My spouse is a hard worker (60%)
2. I can be myself around my spouse (56%)
3. My spouse makes me laugh (56%)
4. My spouse is smart (52%)
5. My spouse is supportive of my goals and desires (48%)
6. My spouse is a great parent (45%)
7. My spouse is sexy (44%)
8. My spouse is good with money (31%)
9. My spouse does the dishes (29%)
10. My spouse buys me things (28%)

Top 10 Things That Annoy Us about Our Spouses

1. My spouse has selective listening (40%)
2. My spouse snores (39%)
3. My spouse can be a control freak sometimes (26%)
4. My spouse is not as financially responsible as I am (20%)
5. My spouse has bodily quirks (e.g. nose picking, farting, burping, etc.) (19%)
6. My spouse doesn’t contribute enough to household chores (18%)
7. My spouse is a slob (e.g. doesn’t wash dishes, leaves dirty clothes on floor, etc.) (17%)
8. My spouse works too much (16%)
9. My spouse doesn’t get along with his/her in-laws (8%)
10. My spouse always forgets our anniversary (5%)

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