Spooky Good Ghost Hunting Gear
Today is the last Saturday of September and you know what that means: it's National Ghost Hunting Day! Whether you're simply curious about ghost hunting or looking to expand upon your seasoned paranormal investigations these key pieces of equipment are guaranteed to guide you toward a haunting good time.
5 Best Skeleton Dances Just In Time For Halloween [VIDEO]
When I was a kid, I saw 'Fantasia' on the big screen at the Pershing Theater in Central El Paso.  It was amazing, the pink flamingos, Mickey as 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice', the dancing skeltons.  Wait, dancing skeletons in a kid's movie?  No wonder I'm so scared of paranormal stuff...
SyFy Fact or Faked: El Paso UFO’s Debunked
I was visiting RIPS EP's Facebook page the other day - they're the guys who ghostbusted our building last month -  and learned The Syfy channel just aired an episode of "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" recent investigation of the  "mysterious" formation of lights that appeared in our skies last October.

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