Over the life of a years-long romantic relationship, it’s inevitable that each one will at some point take the other for granted – especially when it comes to the little things your other half goes out of his or her way to do, either because you like it done that way or because the other half is super-loving and thoughtful.

It's also inevitable that eventually one of your husband's or wife's habits is going to get on your last damn nerve.

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So, we asked El Pasoans to tell us one thing they appreciate most about their spouse, and the one thing he/she does that annoys them most.

Here's a sampling of some of the loving, relatable, and hilarious responses we received:

Tabatha: I love his weekend breakfast surprises, but not so much his gassy surprises.

Ivan: Her caring heart.....puts ketchup on everything that doesn’t need ketchup.

Jenna: I appreciate that my spouse is a neat freak and will help clean the house. [What] totally annoys me is that he will never replace the toilet paper roll. He would rather go to my bathroom and use my toilet paper roll then get a new toilet paper roll for his bathroom


Cinderella: I appreciate most that he loves being at home,what annoys me the most is that he loves being at home

Liliana M: I appreciate most that he works so hard for us to have what we have and let me be a housewife. The thing that annoys me the most is when we are listening to music he has to whistle to it. It is so annoying sometimes I just turn off the radio

Dominic: I appreciate that she is understanding, communicates. Buuuut…her clothes I guess are scared of the hamper

Lovella A: He’s very sweet and thoughtful; he makes gagging noises when he brushes his teeth

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