Little kids are adorable. They say and do such cute and hilarious things on the regular.

Except for when they don’t. Like when they utter something that, on the surface, seems so innocent but in reality is truly terrifying. It's true; kids do say the darndest things. And freakiest.

Recently on Mike & Tricia Mornings, we asked parents to share the creepiest thing they’ve ever heard one of their kids say, and, boy, did they ever deliver the goods. Here are some of the spooky kid quotes posted:

Alexis Herrera: My daughter was about 4 years old, woke up crying saying there was a family standing in the corner of the room. I, of course saw nothing. Later that evening I was bathing her, and at the time I was pregnant with my second child, and I start asking her what should we name the baby. She tells me, "Rosalie." I ask her why that name and she says, "The little girl that was in my room earlier told me that that was my sister's name."

Marissa Santiago Miranda: I asked who she was taking to because I heard her talking away. "I was playing with the little boy in the closet." I said, "oh your imaginary friend that's nice". My daughter said, "No mom he's real you can't see him he's a ghost. He doesn't like you to see him." I said, "oh OK well tell him I can hear him." I walk away and then hear two kids whispering. I run back in, and the closet door is moving.

Vanessa Sifuentes: At 3 years old [my son] pointed to my room which was right across from his and said, "Look. There's another me right there."

Vanessa Gonzalez: I was changing my two-year-old's diaper with my back towards the bedroom door, she’s singing her little heart out and she all of a sudden she stops, looks at the door and says, “hi! Come here! Let’s play!”

Dolores Whitaker: My 3 year old daughter walked into a room I was cleaning and told me there was an ugly baby trying to touch her hair. I told her to show me where the ugly baby was, so she led me to the fireplace and pointed at the corner (nothing was there) and started screaming at the top of her lungs, “No ugly baby! Don’t touch my hair!!!

Letty Perez: My son was about 3 years old. One time we were in bed ready to go to sleep when all of a sudden I heard him say "No! No! I'm not going to pull mommy's hair." I turned around and asked him, "Who's telling you to pull my hair?" and he pointed to the corner of the ceiling.

Brenda Favela: My niece was like 3 years old and we were on our way to eat out and we passed thru a neighborhood that was not familiar to us. I was sitting in the back with her and we were looking at the houses and she got all sad and told me, "I used to live here with my husband and we were very happy."

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