Let’s say you won the billion-dollar jackpot you’ve heard and read so much about.

Most likely you would do some or all of the stereotypical things big-money winners do, such as buy your dream home, take a dream vacation, pay off debt, take care of family, etc.

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But what would you refuse to drop coin on no matter how fat your bank account was? Even though you’d be swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck, what would you still not buy?

I for one wouldn’t spend any of my newfound wealth on delivery fees from services like Favor, Instacart, and DoorDash. As convenient as it may be, I think it's a quick way to nickel and dime yourself into the poorhouse again.

I'll just drive myself there in my brand new monster pickup truck, thank you.

Lottery Question 2023

Esteban Ojeda
App store games I will continue playing with ads

Christine M Uribe
Any talking appliances

Ray Moreno
The extended warranty on my car

Vivian Jordan Corral
Chones, my old ones will do

Yvonne Basil Hiett
A personal plane I can just always fly first class

Lucy Lucy
A bigger house because it would take forever to clean and I wouldn't hire a maid because I have trust issues.

Robert K.
A mega yacht. The upkeep, maintenance, and on-call staff salaries would be ridiculous

Vanessa G.
A Kardashian face redesign

Oh, gawd, yes, Vanessa. And especially not Kim's ugly crying face.

As varied as the responses were, two came up a lot: "Crocs," and "Tesla." I’ve been told Crocs are really comfortable, but, yeah, even so, I’d still be concerned about your fashion sense. I also agree with not buying a Tesla. Quality and looks aside, they charge a lot.

Hi-Yo! Get it? Charge … they’re electric? Okay, fine. I’ll stop now.

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