Parents know what’s best for their children. Mostly.

I think we can all agree that kids need structure, but sometimes the rules parents came up with to protect us or keep us in line were hardcore, weird, or just plain ridiculous.

We asked our radio station listeners and social media followers about the super-strict house hold rule their mom and dad enforced, and holy hell, my being forced to go outside when mom felt I'd spent too much time indoors is tame compared to some of the commandments others had to endure.

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Diana Torres
I was only allowed to ride my bike in the backyard or front yard … in circles!!

Aral Siri
I could not play in the front yard, I couldn’t even check the mail box

Ilene Soto-Ortega
5 min showers - my dad put a clock in the shower so we knew exactly how much time we had left

Sol Quiroz
If we went out on Friday we couldn't go out again on Saturday.

Destiny Nichole
If I wasn’t out of the house before 9 to go anywhere on the weekend, then I couldn’t go out

Elizeth Scott
If we wanted to go out we needed to clean before asking Mom if we could go out

Mario A. Bario
One cereal box open at one time

Martha Romer
Never had a house key. I had to ring the doorbell every time I went out.

Lizabet V.
The only way I could watch American Bandstand Saturday morning was to watch Lawrence Welk Friday evening 

Ignacita Valdez-Ramirez
Had to go in and tell Mom we were home and give her a kiss. Little did I know that we were passing the “drinking test.”

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