The EL Paso Zoo is going hard this Valentine’s Day.

Several zoos across the country – including the El Paso Zoo -- are letting people name a cockroach after an ex this Valentine’s Day.

But while the Bronx Zoo in New York and the Hemsley Conservation Center in London, where the idea for the promotion originated, both stop at simply naming one of their vile insects in the not so loving memory of that somebody that you used to know, the El Paso Zoo is taking it one vengeful step further.

Their plan is to then feed the roaches to their insect loving meerkats. And Facebook Live the feeding frenzy.

El Pasoans are eating up the stunt like, well, hungry meerkats overwhelming the zoo with hundreds of requests. So much that the zoo will be spreading the love (and the grub) to other insect-eating animals as well.

And the comments are just as out of control. Along with far too many tragic, TMI sharing, there has been some very humorous responses. Here's a sampling:

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Lesley DButterfly Weatherford: LOL this is great, but even a cockroach is too good to have my ex's name!

Bryan Krebsbach: It's an insult to the cockroach to name one after my ex

James Cluck: Can we name the Meercat's poops after our exs?

Lauren Brooke Raulerson: I messaged you a name! I hope the animals enjoy him more than I did

Deb Taylor: Can I just feed them my ex husband?

Denise Kidd Noble: If you have one that flies and is promiscuous, name him Brian

Tabitha Shaulis: I sent mine! if you have a deadbeat cockroach that does drugs and doesn't support or see his cockroach babies, that's him!

Michelle Elyn Hogan: Please name a ROACH, "Debbie." After consumption has taken place, I will pray for the little rodent to get better right away. I may be vindictive but I am also compassionate

But no one captured the passive-aggressive, cathartic savagery this stunt truly is like Krissy Anne Barnes who wrote, “the petty in me IS LIVING FOR THIS!”

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