A contest by DC comics is asking fans to league up and better their community. One team of superheroes here in El Paso are hoping to win and clean-up the community by hosting a mini-convention at a local comic book shop.

The League Up Contest by DC Comics wants fans to submit Twitter videos introducing their own Justice League. Once they submit that, they then must come up with a way to celebrate the movie release of The Justice League by doing something good for their community.

El Paso's Justice League consists of some confident heroes, some even UTEP students, that are determined to make a difference in this world. Just like the real spirit of the DC Justice League.

This Saturday, you can be a hero by heading over to Asylum Comics to help create an outstanding atmosphere for the mini-convention, community sign-up and video filming for the finalist video of our heroes.

Facebook/Manny Hernandez/League Up Mini-Con +Community Service Sign Ups
Facebook/Manny Hernandez/League Up Mini-Con +Community Service Sign Ups

Once they do submit the finalist video, fans are going to have to head over to the free DC All Access app and vote for the video.

The grand prize of all this hero work is a trip to the world premiere of the Justice League movie! I am incredibly jealous I am not in this group because it's a great thing to grab some friends, help the community and possible meet Jason Mamoa.

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