The El Paso Department of Public Health released a scary stat yesterday. The number of people with a sexually transmitted disease has reached a 10-year high in the El Paso. New cases of STDs in 2017 were up 11 percent over 2016, and 62 percent from 2007.

That's a lot of unprotected sex, people.

Officials say the increase in STDs is happening because we have a large population of young, single people who are not necessarily in monogamous relationships, and those young, single people are not using condoms every time they have sex.

YUUUUUUUUUUCK. People, people, people. USE CONDOMS EVERY TIME! Don't you know that you are having unprotected sex with every person the person you are having unprotected sex has had sex with??

Use. A. Condom. Every. Time. If you don't things might start falling off on you.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the most common STDs that are floating around out there. Here are some symptoms of chlamydia:

Pain or burning while peeing.
Pain during sex.
Lower belly pain.
Abnormal vaginal discharge (may be yellowish and have a strong smell)
Bleeding between periods.
Pus or a watery/milky discharge from the penis.
Swollen or tender testicles

Kinda makes you want to use a condom doesn't it? The symptoms of gonorrhea are:

Greater frequency or urgency of urination.
A pus-like discharge (or drip) from the penis (white, yellow, beige, or greenish).
Swelling or redness at the opening of the penis.
Swelling or pain in the testicles.
A persistent sore throat.

Seriously, why aren't you using condoms??

You can have an STD even if you don't have symptoms, so go get tested at the El Paso Public Health Department. If you are diagnosed with an STD, the STD clinic will give you medication and will provide meds for your partner, or partners.

For God's sake, USE A CONDOM!

If you need to reach the El Paso Public Health Department, you can click here for their contact information.

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