I don't know about you but this whole adult thing is a helluva lot of work. You have to be the adult in every situation? That sounded like a lot of fun when I was a kid but all it is the weight of the world on my shoulders. I liked it when my mom had to take care of all the stuff I have to take care of now, stuff like:

1. Making a doctor appointment - Remember when your mom would make your appointment and take you? Now you have to do it, make sure you have your insurance information, get yourself to the appointment and do the follow-up blood work, blah blah blah.

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2. Pay the utilities - Ah, to be a kid. You flipped a switch and there was light. As an adult you have to pay the bill and yell at your kids and spouse "Hey! Turn off the lights you aren't using! You think money grows on trees??"

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3. Throw pillows and bed sheets - Why does this stuff have to cost so much? I'm not wearing them to the club but those dang throw pillows can easily cost a hundred bucks or more, and don't even get me started on sheets. Thread count, satin, cotton, flannel, just give me something I can sleep on for heaven's sake.


4. Insurance - You have stuff? It's going to break, get hit in a parking lot, burn up in a fire, or get destroyed by a flood. Home owners insurance, medical insurance, renter's insurance, car insurance, insurance for stuff that isn't covered by your primary insurance, co-pays and deductibles because the premiums you pay are apparently just throwing money at them to send you a plastic card to keep in your wallet, not pay for replacing the things you're insuring. Why??

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5. Grocery shop - So you're telling me I have to earn the money to go to the grocery store with a list so I don't buy stuff I don't need and don't forget something I do need, then I have to pay for it, put it in my car, take it home, unload it, and on top of everything remember that avocados and bananas go bad when I turn my back on them for 15 minutes? Whose idea was this?

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6. Car maintenance - Check the tires to make sure they have enough tread on them. Is there enough wiper fluid? Don't let the wiper blades dry out or they won't work. Get an oil change every who knows how many miles. The light bulbs burn out and I can get a ticket for that? How much is a bus pass?

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