El Pasoans and many people around the world LOVE Hot Cheetos. Seriously, they eat them so much sometimes their stomachs start hurting and they end up in the hospital but they don't care. Hot Cheetos are life! Back in the day, my friends, fellow 90's kids, were addicted to Hot Cheetos in ball form. These weren't cheese puffs, they were ASTEROIDS!

Hot Cheeto Asteroids was the cool kids' snack and you would see people pull them out at lunch. Unfortunately, they disappeared sometime during my teen years and people were devastated. Now in 2019, Hot Cheetos are back in a bag form instead of their awesome hourglass container. The news spread quickly to Hot Cheeto lovers and now this snack is extremely hard to find, including in El Paso.

I am part of a local foodie Facebook group, who have had the discussion of where to find Hot Cheeto Asteroids and people are having no luck. Since El Paso seems to be dry, some people are asking friends in other areas to search their stores and them send them over, like Karina.

Karina Wilson via Facebook

Nothing will stop Hot Cheeto fans from getting their snack. Karina said the rumor going around is people are following Frito Lay trucks and buying them as soon as they put them up on shelves. Once she posted this photo she had a few people already offer to buy some off her but these are all for her! I totally don't blame her for not wanting to share.


If you can't find any in El Paso stores, you can always take to social media and then pay WAY more than you should like this Ebay find.

cs011 via Ebay

Good luck El Pasoans, if you a feening for these and happened to find them, please let us know!