During this 'Stay Home, Word Safe' order, many El Pasoans have used their spare time to clean out some of their closets and garages. These types of activities not only keep you occupied for a good number of hours, but they help you rediscover some treasures.

One El Paso, Joe Acevedo found some very unique items and posted them up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. He captioned these items as "cool things." My first impression is not cool. They are creepy.

It may just be my opinion but anything without eyes really isn't that cool. That is more nightmare fuel that helping you win a popularity contest. He also has a childhood treasure of mine mounted up like a prize pig. Remember the days when McDonald's had benches with a life-size Ronald McDonald? Those are rare to find now, but Joe managed to at least find the head.

Creepy Cool Things El Pasoans are Selling on Marketplace

I would hope to think Joe has many more treasures in his residence but he probably is keeping those goodies for himself. I am not sure if he will one day share more of his collection with the Facebook world, but I know El Pasoans also are busy posting some weird things on Facebook Marketplace.

This just might have to turn into a series if I can find more of these rare, odd items. I just hope people are trying to sell cursed items. What if that Ronald head is holding some ancient curse? Meh. It happens.

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