Is a bad break-up still bugging you? Well, soon you’ll be able to get back at your former love with the help of the El Paso Zoo.

93.1 KISS-FM has learned the zoo will be bringing back its popular Quit Bugging Me anti-Valentine’s Day event next month allowing scorned lovers to once again submit the name of a formerly special someone which will be assigned to a cockroach.

They haven’t officially announced it yet, so we don’t have specific details such as the dates in February when the event will take place or how one will go about submitting the name of a former flame, but if the 2021 version is anything like last years, we know for sure the El Paso Zoo is going to go hard.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

That means they’re not going to stop at simply naming Madagascar hissing cockroaches in the not-so-loving-memory of that somebody that you used to know. Oh no, they’re take it one vengeful step further and feeding them to the meerkats. And livestreaming the feeding frenzy.

Last year, El Pasoans ate up the stunt like, well, hungry meerkats overwhelming the zoo with so many requests zoo officials not only extend the feeding through the entire Valentine’s Day weekend, they also fed the crunchy critters to all cockroach-loving zoo animals, not just the meerkats.

I suspect with how popular Quit Bugging Me has become and with Valentine's falling on a Sunday that’s how it will play out again this year. We'll post an update as soon as the zoo makes the announcement.

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