It’s almost time to name a cockroach after your ex.

If a bad break-up is still bugging you, the El Paso Zoo is going hard again this year and will try to help you move on from the lingering anger and resentment.

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93.1 KISS-FM has learned the zoo will be bringing back Quit Bugging Me, its popular anti-Valentine's Day tribute to toxic exes.

For the fourth year in a row, scorned lovers can name a cockroach after a former special someone and have it fed to a hungry meerkat.

El Paso Zoo
El Paso Zoo

But it doesn’t have to be a former flame you’re still bitter about, either.

You can submit the name of whomever has been "bugging" you – a boss, friend (former or present), co-worker – anyone who has been irritating the crap out of you and you’re ready to go petty on them.

The zoo hasn’t officially announced the return of Quit Bugging Me yet, so we don’t have specific details such as the dates in February when the event will take place or how one will go about submitting a name.

But if the 2022 version is anything like the previous years, you can bet it will be cathartic knowing the Madagascar hissing cockroach named in his or her (dis)honor will get devoured by the zoo's meerkats and other insect eaters.

We'll post an update as soon as the city makes the official announcement.

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