Well, that didn’t take long. The woman who jumped into the spider monkey enclosure at the El Paso Zoo and was subsequently fired from her job already has a new gig.

Less than 48 hours after Lucy Rae was identified as the trespasser in the viral video that led to her dismissal, Mark Davis, of the Law Office of Mark T. Davis, not only hired Rae according to a post on his Facebook, he went off on Rae’s previous employer, the Lovett Law Firm.

Davis blasted her former boss hard, accusing Lovett Law Firm of having a “cancel culture attitude,” and “turn[ing] viciously on a single mother, tak[ing] away her livelihood and attack[ing] her on social media” over a Cheeto. He then questioned the claim made in their post of being strong supporters “of animals and animal advocacy.”

What you really are is a sicko, and you advocate for animal torture. You support keeping monkeys in cages so people can stare at them all day. You support forcing poor monkeys to live in the desert climate, taking them from the rain forrest they are happy in and sentencing them to a life sentence in monkey prison?

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He ends the tirade declaring Rea “a proud member of my law firm,” adding:

At least the monkey had a cheeto because you are trying to starve the human child, Lucy's child. Get off you lying high horse and face the fact that you twisted a gift of a cheeto into a capital crime and then invited the whole city to attack Lucy. Shame on you.

Davis doubled down on his defense of his new hire’s actions in the post comment section after someone pointed out that what she did was “pretty reckless.”

“We all agree that she shouldn't have,” Davis replied. “But haven't you even done something silly for fun? I remember back in college when the UTEP police caught me bush diving. It was fun!!!” When another person questioned her getting fired over “something she did on her own time,” the lawyer agreed. “Right! Especially something so minor as giving a treat to a monkey?”

Mark Davis Facebook Screenshot
Mark Davis Facebook Screenshot

Davis is no stranger to controversial Facebook posts. Some years ago he went off on military veterans, essentially calling them freeloaders. Lucy Rae has not publicly commented on her stunt, which has made national headlines, but did share Davis’ post.

As we previously reported, the El Paso Zoo plans to pursue charges against Rae and will look at additional safety measures like installing cameras and modifying the fences to prevent something like this happening again. Yeah, this whole thing is bananas!

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