Do you remember the time I-10 was shut down for days because the driver of a semi-truck was trying to grab a bottle of water and ended up almost bringing down a bridge?

Good times.

Well, even though the accident happened back in July of last year, there is still work being done on the accident site, and this weekend, that work will require the closure of I-10 in both directions for 27 hours.

El Paso Water Utilities needs to replace a damaged water line that runs in the utility bridge that was damaged in the accident.

I-10 in downtown El Paso will be closed in both directions beginning January 27 for 27 hours from Stanton Street to Mesa Street beginning at 3 a.m. on Sunday. The freeway should open again at 6 a.m. on Monday. Water services in the area will not be interrupted.

Eastbound traffic on I-10 will have to exit Downtown and then re-enter I-10 on Wyoming Avenue.

Westbound traffic will exit Mesa Street and re-enter on Yandell Drive.

If you follow the detour signs, you should be able to enter and exit the freeway easily, but remember the closure is going to affect both sides of the freeway, so you'll need to expect a lot of backed up traffic on both sides of I-10.

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