A terrifying incident happened Thursday (Jan. 30th) morning, when reports of a possible active shooter at El Paso High circulated social media.

The El Paso Police Department was quick to let the public know about locking down El Paso High and surrounding schools in order to search for suspicious subjects. Luckily, the claims turned out to be false and ended with the arrest of three males, one was reportedly carrying a bb-gun.

Instagram Famous FitFam quickly shared videos sent in by El Paso High Students, including one where a student asked if she could hug her teacher because he stood by the door the whole lockdown, just in case someone did come in.

I remember my practice lockdowns and my teachers NEVER stood by the door. I was lucky to not experience a real, active shooter situation but in the practice ones, my classroom died. Thinking about that now is terrifying. I am so happy to see high school teachers are willing to take a bullet for their students.

So thank you to those teachers who step up and protect their students every day.

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