You can now track the El Paso Streetcar with their new handy app.

The El Paso Streetcar is happy to announce that it has made available a new app which will allow passengers to track the streetcars proximity to your exact location in real time.

The app is in its growing stages so Sun Metro is asking for the public to download the app and play around with it and if there are any glitches or issues that they report it back to them so they can fix the problems. Users will be able to provide feedback via the app on the down drop menu. The app is free and available for download via Google Play or the Apple Store for iPhones and Android devices.

El Paso Streetcar Mobile App Functions Include:

  • Track the real-time location of the Streetcar
  • Get real-time arrival information on all 27 stops along the 5-mile route
  • Be able to view special programming and events involving the Streetcar
  • Receive streetcar service alerts
  • Set personal favorites for pick up and stop locations
  • Information on fares, hours, and ticket vending locations

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