Whenever a new movie comes out, I've always preferred going to watch the premieres at the movie theaters in person. El Pasoans love doing that too, even if it means waiting in RIDUCLOUS lines for tickets...

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I've been a fan of the Spider-Man movies ever since the Toby Maguire movies that came out in the early 2000s. With the new Tom Holland films, that only made me appreciate Spider-Man even more. And I'm not the only one.

I have MANY friends who are obsessed with Tom Holland & are excited for the new Spider-Man: No Way Home film coming out. It  doesn't come out until mid-December but that means people still have time to get tickets to see the movies when it comes out. But... would you wait HOURS in line for a ticket?

Well according to a video uploaded to FitFam, a lot of people WOULD & DID over the weekend.

You're seeing that correctly: all of those people waited for HOURS to get pre-sale tickets to make sure they got their seats for Spider-Man: No Way Home. (I know some friends of mine who were actually THERE in line that night & DID get their tickets).

That video was uploaded onto the FitFam Instagram page & was taken by 2 different users. If anyone was wondering where that line was, it was over at the Cinemark 20 and XD theater on Gateway, or as we still call it: Tinseltown.

I will say: even though I personally wouldn't wait in line for hours for a movie ticket, it does feel good knowing that there are still people in El Paso who love that feeling of going to a theater, getting popcorn & enjoying a movie in their seats.

So if you haven't gotten a ticket for Spider-Man: No Way Home yet & you WANT to see it when it comes out... judging by the video you saw with EVERYONE getting THEIR tickets, you might wanna get yours soon...

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