I was scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday when I ran into a post by a local bar called Ojos Locos. I usually scroll past bar posts but this one stood out, and I do mean stood out. The photo on the post was of three of the bar's servers dressed in super sexy 'first responder' outfits. There was a fireman, a police officer, and a nurse and they were all outfits that you've probably seen at any Halloween costume party or at any bar during any Halloween of any year. I mean, what is Halloween if not the opportunity to dress in a sexy hand sanitizer costume. Yes, it's a thing.

So are these costumes really any different? I mean when it comes right down to it, if you don't want to see servers dressed like this, don't go to the bar where they're working, amirite?


And it's not like Ojos Locos is the only bar that dresses their servers in sexy outfits. A central El Paso bar called Pour Judgement also posts pics like this on their Facebook page to entice customers into their establishment:


I guess, for the most part, that is right, but really, the photo is a little tone deaf. People are getting sick and dying in such numbers in El Paso that we top the nightly national newscasts virtually every night lately. We have the highest COVID-19 numbers of any county in the entire state of Texas. We are airlifting people out of town because we don't have enough hospital beds for all of them, so the Sexy First Responders event rubbed some people a little wrong.

I get that a bar isn't exactly a library. You're going to drink and have fun and get a little loose. Believe me, I wish I could join you, but I'm not going anywhere right now to keep myself and my family safe, but if this was meant to 'honor' first responders, it missed the mark. You can see that a lot of people on the bar's Facebook page feel the same. Do I think they shouldn't do this promotion? No. It's a free country. You do you, and if you want to go, that's great, have fun. But maybe offer a discount to first responders? How about a donation to a charity in their name?

No one is saying not to have a little fun, but be aware that right now, there are a lot of people who aren't having any fun and tailor your message accordingly.

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