El Paso has made some pretty bad lists lately, but you won't believe where we ranked in this one.

#7! El Paso is the #7 place for 20 somethings to pick up an move to according to a new survey on BuzzFeed Community. The survey was given and the actual rankings were in no particular order so the fact that El Paso got listed as number 7 may be a fluke, but we made the list!

The list only contains 29 cities and El Paso is among them. Elizabeth Olivas, one of the BuzzFeed Community members says,

"We have a great university, a low cost of living, amazing weather pretty much year-round, plenty of nightlife, theaters, outdoor activities, a zoo, a baseball team, a hockey team (in the desert!)… Someone stop me before I write an essay."

Seems like the sun city is a great place for a college community and the cost of living is fair compared to other cities. You can check out the full list here.


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