The El Paso Pug Rescue is looking for donations and supplies to help them with their mission to save unwanted pugs. 

The El Paso Pug Rescue is a brand new organization with the mission to help "homeless, mistreated, neglected, and unwanted pugs." They also do not discriminate against age or health. Pugs are a wonderful breed of dog to own. They are small, which make them a good apartment dog, always eager to please their owners and do wonderful with families with small children. They are often called "shadow" dogs, because of the way they follow their owners around and want to be near the action. They also mimic the attitude and energy level of their owners: if you're energetic and like to run around, so will your pug. If you're a couch potato, your pug will be a couch potato.

The El Paso Pug Rescue is doing wonderful work in El Paso to help out pugs, and pug mixes in need. But the rescue needs help too! Here is what the group had to say about what they need for their rescues:

We are currently feeding our Pugs the grain-free Nature's Domain dry dog food from Costco, but we're not picky!

Any basic supplies would help:
- kennels
- dog beds
- dog bowls
- dog wipes
- dog shampoo
- dog toys
- leashes
- pee pads
- pill pockets
- medium dog diapers

If you are able to help out the El Paso Pug Rescue, please bring any donations to The Punk Rock Flea Market this Saturday at the TIME at Montebello shopping center. The group will be out there form 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Join us this Saturday from 5:00-8:00pm at the Punk Rock Flea Market at Montecillo (4935 N. Mesa, El Paso, TX...

Posted by El Paso Pug Rescue on Friday, June 19, 2015

You can also meet one of the El Paso Pug Rescue's adoptable dogs! Meet Pepper!

Pepper was a rescue from the City of El Paso Animal Services. This is what the El Paso Pug Rescue had to say about little Pepper:

She was a bit of a surprise, but she really needed help. She came into the city shelter as a stray. She is severely injured, and she was supposed to be euthanized in the morning due to a lack of fosters or rescue groups, but animal services let her go to us. They gave us some medications to start her treatment, and their vet wants us to bring her in for check ups throughout her time with us. Even though her injuries are very severe, she might pull through, and we want her to have a chance at a happy life. Please welcome Pepper.

If you're not able to make it out this Saturday, you can also bring any donations for the El Paso Pug Rescue to the KLAQ studios, 4180 North Mesa. I will be collecting donations and delivering them to the rescue as well.

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