Nurses. They can’t fix stupid, but they can sedate it. And for that alone, we thank you.

One of El Paso’s largest professions is getting its due for the next several days. May 6 through May 12 is National Nurses Week, and some El Paso businesses are saying thank you to the men and women who answered the call with discounts and freebies. Below are some of the shops and restaurants with special offers for nurses.

Dunkin’: Healthcare workers who show their ID on May 6 will be treated to a free medium hot or iced coffee at participating locations—no purchase necessary and while supplies last.

Chipotle: A free burrito through May 31, but you have to first sign up for the freebie on their website.

Dave & Busters: is offering a $10 game card.

Grimaldi’s: Nurses can take 15% off their order when they show an ID through May 7.

Hooters: Get 20% off your bill.

IHOP: Show your healthcare ID at a participating IHOP restaurant and receive a 25% discount on your meal.

Panda Express: Take 10% off your meal with a valid nurses ID.

Insomnia Cookies: Show your ID at Insomnia Cookies on the west side and get a free classic cookie. And if you spend $5 in the store, you’ll get a free six-pack of classic cookies.

Wish the next nurse you see a Happy National Nurses Week and give them a fist bump for the fine work they are doing. Remember: she might be your nurse someday and she can walk as slow or as fast as she chooses to get you your pain medication.

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