COVID-19 cases are still at incredibly high record levels in El Paso which has led the United States Military to deploy medical personnel to local facilities.

60 Airmen from the United States Air Force are expected to arrive in the borderland this weekend and will be split into three teams of 20.  Those teams will then be tasked to assist at University Medical Center, the Hospitals of Providence Transmountain Campus, and Las Palmas Del Sol Medical Center.  The group of 60 are being sent to El Paso from Air Bases in Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and Maryland.

This isn’t the first time outside help has been sent to El Paso.  The fact that U.S. Department of Defense is allocating additional resources in the form of trained, medical staff attests to just how dire the pandemic situation in the areas currently is.

Nurses, doctors, and frontline medical staff in general have taken the brunt of the coronavirus onslaught and I’m sure they’re all thankful to have some extra support during a time when many of them are feeling burnt out physically and emotionally.  They’ve been working hard for us.  I just wish that it were safe to give each and every one of them a big hug.  They definitely deserve it.

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