If there is one thing I will never understand it is the weirdos who tape a recording device in a women's public restroom. I mean do you know what we do in there? We fart. We poop. We pee. We struggle with Spanx. There ain't nothing sexy about it, weirdo, but lo and behold, we have another case of a disgusting dude taping a cell phone in the restroom of a UTEP-area hotel. The alleged weirdo is David Monastere who has a long record of other run-ins with the law including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint and assault causing bodily injury.

This winner allegedly make a sign that directed women at a nurse conference to a single restroom, not the regular restroom with multiple stalls, and then was, according to one of the women who is now suing him, hanging around the restroom whenever one of them used it. Thirteen of the women who were victims are now suing Monastere, the hotel and its owners, and investors for "irreversible trauma" they suffered during the two days that Monastere allegedly recorded them in the restroom.


I really feel for the women who ran into this alleged jerk. They are on the frontlines of taking care of all of us during the COVID pandemic and this clown thinks it's the perfect excuse to hurt them and terrorize them? And looking at his record you can see that he is not just some harmless pervert in his mother's basement, he is a real predator. Allegedly.

If you think you were a victim of this allegedly filthy man you can contact the law firm that is suing him and the others. It is the Cesar Ornelas Law firm. Their number is 855-710-4912. Call them because people like this Monastere clown deserve to pay for their alleged crimes.

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