Every year around March, Austin holds their SXSW festival; their gigantic festival of everything from art to movies to music. There were many names who were from El Paso at last year's SXSW. Here's the local names who you'll find at the 2023 SXSW festival.

Let's look at the musicians

The first name we has is the hip-hop dj Cortez, aka DJ Zetroc. He was originally from El Paso & now he currently lives in Austin. He appeared at SXSW 2022 & this year he's at Mala Vida on Wednesday, the 15th.

The next we have DJ Lavender Thug. Just like with DJ Zetroc, Lavender Thug was also born & raised in El Paso before moving to Austin. And also just like Zetroc, Lavender HAS been at SXSW before; this year you can find her on Saturday the 18th at Cheer Up Charlie's Outdoor.

Another returning artist is Lilia Is Lilith; she's performing on Tuesday, the 14th at Higher Ground at 1am.

The first rock band from El Paso is Estereomance. You will see Estereomance make their SXSW debut 3 times this year:

Grammy Nominated performed Roger Argenis from the El Paso music school, Sound Stage 9, will be at SXSW 2023 on Wednesday the 15th. You also might have seen his music on the Billboard charts recently.

There's also speakers representing El Paso too

Yes musicians aren't the only one representing at SXSW 2023;

  • Andrew Pardo was part of The Future of Chemically Derived Cannaboids on Sunday
  • and Ashley Soto Paniagua was part of the Independent TV Pilot Program at Alamo Lamar A on Sunday & will be there on Thursday too.

There is ONE more mention of El Paso at SXSW 2023...

There is a showcase called The 13th Annual Future of Music Showcase that's happening at Shiner's Saloon held by Apogee Presents. According to their post on Instagram, it IS a SXSW event and there IS an additional name from El Paso at that showcase: Hot Shot Kixxx.

Way to represent El Paso at SXSW! Here's to seeing more names from El Paso in the future.

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