We all have our favorite love songs to play when we're in love or when you want to show your feelings for someone.

Many local artists have songs that you can easily blast out on Valentine's Day when you want to express your love; so here are some you can add to a love songs playlist:

Coco Butter "When You Came Through" is a song talking all about idolizing that beauty that walks through the door. Whether that beauty is a man or woman, it's a very nice song to play when you want to flatter them.

The 1-800 has been shown a lot of love from celebrities & fans on social media; their biggest hit "Lovewave" is my pick for when you just want to put on something for you & your date to chill.

Glass Townes "Slow Dancing", when you're in love & you have strong feelings for someone, this song is for you.

Cigarettes After Sex has MANY songs; you can practically make an entire playlist based around Cigarettes After Sex discography. Songs like "Keep On Loving You", "You're All I Want", "Falling In Love" and "Affection" top my list.

The pandemic was hard for everyone, especially for people in relationships. Estereomance's "Think Of You" was a song all about the struggles of maintaining a relationship through social distortion and making it work.

Juarez's Fools Like Me mainly focuses on songs that dwell into the psychedelics & trippy. However they do have a song all about igniting love & that song is "Us".

If you want a really classic local band, Avindale's Lost & Found is a great choice.

More songs you can easily add:

  • Acid Pie "A Reason to Smile",
  • Allway Drive "Thin Red Lips",
  • As Hope "Lucky Here"
  • As the City Sleeps "We Only Have Tonight"
  • Fallex "I Want You"
  • Foxy Mojo "Love Love"
  • Late Night Drive Home "Star Love"
  • Love Gush "Boy Kisser"

If you're looking for some "anti" love songs

Chantal Camus's "Heartache",

Rivers Ventura "Hate Love"

and Melt Citizen's "We're Doomed To be Together" are great choices.

And of course it wouldn't be a Valentine's Day list with out Middle Fingers Unfold's "Valentine's Day".

Much love from KLAQ to you!

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