Kid's birthday parties are a ton of fun, and in El Paso, we do birthday parties right. Most of the time there is a huge spread of great food, drinks, cake, and ice cream. You can count on jumping balloons in the backyard, the abuelos hanging the piñata, and music either from a dj or a stereo. But one El Paso mom wanted to celebrate her baby's first and second birthdays with some iconic El Paso restaurants as a backdrop.

Crystal Salas wanted something unique for her son's birthday pictures, so for his first birthday, she put him in the middle of a Chico's Tacos-themed photo shoot. Jeremih has a server's uniform and a custom cake that looks like an order of Chico's tacos and fries.

For Jeremih's second birthday, Crystal and her family went to Rosco's Burger Inn in Central El Paso to commemorate his big day. I reached out to Crystal on Facebook and asked how she got those adorable backdrops. She said:

"For the Chico's one I took pics and printed enlarged photos of everything and put them against a white backdrop. For the Rosco one, the owner, Jacob Carrasco, invited us to take the photos there." When I asked if she had chosen a place for his third and last cake smash, Crystal said she is looking at that little place by the graveyard, L&J.

I think Crystal should start a business for other parents who want to put their beasties in iconic El Paso locations for their birthday photo shoots!

Happy birthday Jeremih!

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