It's no surprise that due to the coronavirus pandemic, our lives have been greatly altered. Circumstances changed as the month of March went by that resulted in schools and businesses being closed, which resulted in my Disney vacation to be cancelled, but that's a different story for another day.

With shelter in place orders going down practically across the globe, including one in the city in which we live in, people have started to get creative, especially when it comes to celebrating birthdays. My birthday was at the very beginning of March, before things went a little crazy- so I was still able to celebrate with my family, unfortunately for lots of my fellow March babies, it hasn't been quite easy. But hard as it may be to celebrate a birthday with the worry of social distancing, it's not hard to show the person turning another year older that you care.

Zachary James and his family did just that for his grandmother. Taking to TIkTok and then sharing it on Facebook, Zachary's family celebrated his grandmother's birthday by throwing her a mini-parade outside her house. With signs and horns honking, Zachary's grandmother was able to celebrate her birthday with her family while still maintaining social distancing!

I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying! The video has garnered over 22,000 views and tons of comments of well wishes for her birthday. Thank you for sharing this video, Zachary, this is the type of content we all want! Zachary later took to FB to post a picture of his grandma, named Connie, and thank everyone. Happy birthday, Grandma Connie- she's EP's grandma now!

Zachary James via Facebook
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