Next time you fly out of El Paso check out the new retail store, El Paso Marketplace which will carry gifts, apparel and gourmet snacks at the El Paso International Airport.

The El Paso Marketplace is located in Concourse A at El Paso International Airport will carry unique gift and food items including those items and treats that are exclusive to our region. The new $3.2 million dollar renovation of the El Paso International Airport’s entire Concourse A Improvements and Restroom Expansion is funded by a Passenger Facility Charge. In 2015, El Paso City Council approved the construction and changes to meet the increase in passenger usage after American Airlines and US Airways merged. Some of the airport improvements include doubling the size of the current restrooms, adding floor-to-ceiling windows, lounge seating, lighting improvements, and a nursing room, among others. It is expected to be completed early 2017.

This project supports the City’s strategic goal to promote the visual image of El Paso and to create an environment conductive to strong, sustainable economic development.