While definitely not among the biggest of airports in the country, El Paso International Airport is safe and serves its purpose extremely well and the FAA happens to agree.

Each year the Federal Aviation Administration visits commercial airports all across the United States and conducts what is usually a three-day inspection on things such as their emergency plans, rescue resources and response times, fueling procedures, airfield markings, and even personnel procedures.

That process was given a more thorough review this year.  Instead of a three-day inspection, the FAA decided on an 18-month long look at the overall protocols and programs ELP has in place and deemed the safety procedures at the airport exemplary.  As a result, the airport now has a nice, shiny new certificate from the FAA confirming that fact.

El Paso International Airport doesn’t have large areas dedicated solely for shopping or grabbing a bite between flights but those that want to judge a city’s food scene on the airport’s food court should probably re-think how they rate a city.

I do believe ELP operates efficiently and safely while not making the experience of flying any more grueling than it has to be.  I’ve done some travelling and in my opinion the experience with getting in and out of the airport here in town is relatively quick, simple, and definitely not overwhelming while also providing a beautiful visual synopsis of what El Paso was, is, and hopes to be.

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