It has been quite a while since I have been to the El Paso International Airport- and it's also been a while since I've been to any other airport so I was also blithely unaware of the fact that back in 2010, the El Paso International Airport was named one of the ugliest airports!

Back in 2010, Travel & Leisure ranked the El Paso International Airport the 12th ugliest airport in the WORLD! There were only twelve on the list, so I guess it does say something that El Paso's airport was last on the list.

Nevertheless, I'm assuming that because of the airport making the list, our humble airport underwent some modifications- one being that carpet! I'm sure many remember the carpet, it had lizards! Well, in 2018, the El Paso International Airport said goodbye to the lizard-themed carpet that was installed in the '90s. Sure, the lizards were outdated, but apparently many felt a bit sad to see the carpet go.

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However, one Reddit user has found a way to have that lizard-themed motif live on, in the form of socks! Reddit user Scotty_puff_Jr posted a picture of his socks, that he got customized, onto the platform and it as truly a "if you know, you know" moment:

According to Scotty_Puff_Jr, he got these made on a website called Printify and used this pattern to have the socks made:

ELP airport carpet

Some in the comments thought it was a weird flex, but others seemed to love it. One user said:

"Sweet I have a section of the carpet framed my sis (City Employee) gifted to me"

If you too are feeling nostalgic for the El Paso International Airport's old lizard theme carpet, perhaps consider getting it memorialized on socks!

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