I live in the El Paso Independent School District, so I have a dog in this fight. The district announced that they are going to close Burnet Elementary School and parents will now have to decide where to send their kids to school. Some parents aren't happy about the move or the schools that they have to choose from.

I live in the neighborhood I grew up in. The elementary school all of my siblings and I attended is just a short walk away. If it was to close, I would be devastated, but I would understand that an underused school is a bad thing for taxpayers. EPISD is a land-locked district, which means, there is no new construction and no new families bringing in kids to go to the schools in the district. If people with kids move into EPISD, that's great, but we can't rely on new home construction to fill out our classrooms.

I totally understand why Burnet parents aren't happy about their kiddos not being able to go to the school they attended as children, but as a taxpayer, I don't want to have to support a school that is draining money out of my pocket.

EPISD has said that there are a number of schools that could be closed or consolidated, but this has been talked about since 2014, so it's not a surprise that some schools will be going away.

Closing schools is sad, but so is wasting taxpayer money.