City and health officials disclosed some sobering numbers during Thursday’s press conference, including El Paso’s first COVID-19-related death.

Mayor Margo and Dr. Ocaranza also revealed that a dozen of El Paso’s confirmed coronavirus cases have been directly traced back to two separate gatherings of a large number of people, which Margo said took place “in the last week.” The incidents, Margo said, consisted of a group of twenty-year-olds and a group of forty-year-olds. He didn’t elaborated further.

In addition to the 12 cases from the two gatherings, Dr. Ocaranza added an epidemiological team was investigating a healthcare facility, which, he said, “has already 11 positive cases.” He did not offer any other information.

The mayor reiterated the stay home order prohibits gatherings and parties at your or someone else’s home. “Group activities are not permitted,” he said. “This includes gatherings of family members who do not live in the home.”

Come on, El Paso, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; keeping our distance from each other and not congregating in groups is very important to your and my well-being. Stop being idiots. We’re in this together.

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