A couple of weeks ago, the El Paso Health Department and Ysleta Independent School District reported that 150 people at Hanks High School had been possibly exposed to TB.

All the people who were possibly exposed have been tested and there are two people who have tested positive for TB. The Health Department would not say if the two who tested positive are students, teachers, faculty or staff.

The people who have tested positive have already been notified of their results and will be evaluated and x-rayed to make sure that the disease has not developed in their lungs.

The people who tested negative for TB will be retested within the next 8 to 10 weeks as a precaution. If you were one of the people who needed to be tested and you have not been notified that you tested positive, then you didn't test positive. You need to wait for additional notification from the Health Department about retesting.

If you have questions, log onto the Health Department's website.

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