Those looking to cross ‘take part in a lockdown paranormal investigation’ off their bucket list have a chance to do just that this weekend.

El Paso Ghost Tours is hosting one on Friday and Saturday night inside the notoriously haunted De Soto Hotel. And not just anywhere in the building, the lockdowns will take place in the hotel basement which is now used for storage but was once where satanic rituals were conducted.

“Lockdowns are a bit of a rarity,” Leon Baker, owner and lead investigator of the group, tells me. “They are smaller groups, and the investigation part of our regular tour is all we do for the evening.”

El Paso Ghost Tours and every one brave enough to buy a ticket will spend about 2 hours locked in the basement conducting EVP sessions, spirit box sessions and various other experiments in attempt to communicate with the non- living tenants of the hotel.

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Of course, there is no guarantee there will be paranormal activity on any night you attend, but if there ever was a place where the odds would be in your favor it would be the dark De Soto Hotel basement.

“Our guests have reported being touched, scratched, and having pebbles thrown in their direction,” says Baker.

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El Paso Ghost Tours

“Guests witness shadow figures, hear whispers in their ears, and sometimes everyone hears a disembodied voice. A more recent phenomenon we are all witnessing is a shifting, shimmering entity that moves through the room and sometimes stands very near us.”

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Sounds like an intense adventure, but if you're willing to attempt contact with otherworldly spirits that may not want you there, meet up with El Paso Ghost Tours at the De Soto Hotel on Friday, September 17 or Saturday, September 18.

We have 15 spots open for each night. Tickets are $20, per person, cash at the door. Message us to reserve your spots!

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