The city cooked yesterday a record 106 degrees, and that has El Paso officials reminding people to take some precautions about how to survive this heat.


el paso times

There are a couple of things to remember:

  1.  Check on elderly family members and friends – Elderly people die all the time in this heat, so make sure their air conditioning is working, or that they have a working fan.
  2.   Hard to believe we need to say this one, but, don’t leave pets or children in cars.  Period.  Ever.  A cracked window isn’t enough to keep them from being overcome with the heat and either getting really sick, or, in the worst cases, dying.
  3.  Try not to run major appliances during the day, like dish washers, or washers and dryers.  It makes your house hotter, and you use more electricity, and therefore more money.
  4.   If you, or someone you know, needs a fan, you can contact the Extreme Weather Task Force.  Walmart donated 300 fans to the Task Force yesterday.  If you need a fan, you can call 211.  If you would like to donate a fan, you can drop them off at any El Paso Fire Station.