Summer in El Paso means triple-digit temperatures. It can also mean rolling blackouts and power outages. The El Paso Electric Company has some tips for how to deal with blackouts and how to help use less electricity and perhaps avoid rolling blackouts.

Set your thermostat at 78°F or higher.
Use ceiling fans and portable fans to circulate the cool air.
Close interior blinds, drapes, or shades to block the sun and heat during warm weather.
Outside air conditioning units, or condensers, should be shaded.
If you're not at home, set your thermostat to 80°F or higher to prevent the air conditioner from cooling a vacant home.
Try to do activities like cooking and clothes and dishwashing either in the early morning or evening hours.

Get a kit together with flashlights, extra batteries, battery-powered radio, a manual can opener, and first-aid kit.
Mark fuses in your home’s fuse box or circuit box.
Cordless phones don’t work if the power is out. Always try to have your cell phone fully charged.
Automatic garage door openers also won't work if the power is out. Check the instruction booklet for manual override.

Don't open your refrigerator or freezer. A full, unopened freezer should keep food frozen up to 48 hours. Food should stay cold in an unopened refrigerator for 24 hours.
Unplug appliances that would go on automatically when power is restored. Computers, cable boxes, tvs, and other electronics can be damaged by a power surge when the electricity is restored.
If you use candles, remember to not place them near flammable materials and never leave them unnattended.

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